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Emergency Walk-In Eye Exams In Downtown Calgary

When something happens suddenly and it’s affecting your vision – it can be scary! If you are experiencing pain in your eyes, sudden vision changes, flashing lights, floaters or any visual disturbances come to Core Eye Care for an emergency walk in eye exam. In the case of diabetic medical eye exams we offer comprehensive eye exams, dilated eye exams and referral to and co-management with an ophthalmologist if further treatment is required for diabetic retinopathy. If we saw signs of macular degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma in a previous comprehensive eye exam you will come back for a medical eye exam where we determine the status and severity of the disease. This includes a dilated eye exam, OCT retinal scans, visual field testing, pachymetry readings and recommendations for treatment and prevention. All acute eye issues are covered by Alberta Health Care including red eyes, eye infections, eye pain and sudden vision changes.

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Symptoms We Service During Medical Eye Exams:

Dry Eye Disease Walk In Eye Exams

About 1 in 3 people suffer from dry eye disease. Dry eye disease is a condition where your eyes cannot produce the right quantity or quality of tears. People normally experience symptoms the worst at the end of the day or after focusing for a long period of time on a computer screen. If left untreated, it can result in more serious problems like eye infections or impaired vision. If you are experiencing dry eye symptoms and come in for a medical eye exam, our doctors will do several quick tests to measure visual acuity, tear production and ocular surface dryness. From there we will provide you some options for treatment, such as, eye drops, prescription medication, punctual plugs, blinking exercises and environmental/lifestyle recommendations.

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Whenever someone walks through our doors we see it as an opportunity to brighten their day. Our office is a space where you will be treated with respect and receive excellent customer service. From booking your appointment to getting your eye exam to shopping for contacts or frames – we want you to feel informed, supported and comfortable. Our doctors and staff are here to help you see clearly – part of that means answering any questions you have and providing you the service you need.

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Walk-In Eye Exams Available!

 At Core Eye Care we push against the eye care industry stereotypes. We give every patient the time they need to get quality and comprehensive service. We take the time to answer any and all questions a patient may have and ensure we find the perfect solution for their unique situation and lifestyle. Also, we are connected to a Lenscrafters, but we don’t sell frames ourselves, so our staff will never pressure you into purchasing.

Our flexible appointment times are great for your schedule

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Our flexible appointment times are great for your schedule

The latest technology means better accuracy 

Cutting Edge Technology for
the Most Accurate Results

At Core Eye Care all our downtown Calgary eye exam services are provided using the most up-to-date technologies available in the optometry world today. Our advanced equipment gives our doctors the most comprehensive understanding of your eye health and vision possible. When you trust us with your eye care needs, you get the most thorough and accurate results.

The latest technology means better accuracy 

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