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Free & Fun Kid's Eye Exams In Downtown Calgary

Your child’s vision is constantly changing and developing as they learn and grow. If your child has a short attention span, frequently rubs, squints and blinks their eyes, complains of headaches or reads or watches TV with what they’re trying to see close to their face – these are all signs of vision issues in children. Often, young children aren’t able to communicate if they are having vision problems or if their sight is hindering their ability to learn and thrive at school.

Consistent kid’s eye exams, from doctors experienced in paediatric optometry, are essential to the development of your child and their education. Doctors of Optometry Canada recommend that infants have their first eye exam at 6 months old and continue to receive them annually after that.  At Core Eye Care we make kid’s eye exams as fun as possible while giving your child the thorough and comprehensive care they deserve.

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What to expect during a Kid's or Senior's Eye Exam:

Expert Kid’s & Senior's Eye Exams From Experienced Professionals

It’s critical that we obtain an accurate measurement of your child’s vision so you leave our office with a solution that helps your child learn and grow with optimal eye health. To ensure your child gets the personalized recommendations they need, our doctors take the time to understand your child, asking them and you detailed questions in order to get an accurate reading of their eye health and visual acuity. Our kid’s eye exams last about 30 minutes. During the exam, our doctors complete a comprehensive assessment of your child’s sight, visual coordination, depth perception and screen for any eye health issues. You will walk away with recommendations tailored to your child’s unique needs and answers to any questions you may have.

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We Care About You -
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Whenever someone walks through our doors we see it as an opportunity to brighten their day. Our office is a space where you will be treated with respect and receive excellent customer service. From booking your appointment to getting your eye exam to shopping for contacts or frames – we want you to feel informed, supported and comfortable. Our doctors and staff are here to help you see clearly – part of that means answering any questions you have and providing you the service you need.

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High Quality Eye Care Services -
Walk-In Eye Exams Available!

 At Core Eye Care we push against the eye care industry stereotypes. We give every patient the time they need to get quality and comprehensive service. We take the time to answer any and all questions a patient may have and ensure we find the perfect solution for their unique situation and lifestyle. Also, we are connected to a Lenscrafters, but we don’t sell frames ourselves, so our staff will never pressure you into purchasing.

Our flexible appointment times are great for your schedule

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Our flexible appointment times are great for your schedule

The latest technology means better accuracy 

Cutting Edge Technology for
the Most Accurate Results

At Core Eye Care all our downtown Calgary eye exam services are provided using the most up-to-date technologies available in the optometry world today. Our advanced equipment gives our doctors the most comprehensive understanding of your eye health and vision possible. When you trust us with your eye care needs, you get the most thorough and accurate results.

The latest technology means better accuracy 

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