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5 Important Questions to Ask Your Calgary Optometrist

Getting an eye exam in Calgary is vital for your health and long-term vision. Not only do you get your eyes checked, but you have time alone with your optometrist. When you are with them, make sure you ask them these questions.

The Most Important Questions To Ask Your Calgary Optometrist

  1. What Tests Will You Be Doing Today?
    It is always good to have a firm idea about what type of tests the optometrist will be doing to you. Anything from eyedrops to diluting your eyes can impair your vision. And that can be risky. If you are driving, your vision will be diminished, so you are taking a risk being on the road. Ask them, so you know what to expect.
  2. Is My Condition Stable or Will It Change in the Future?
    After the optometrist conducts an eye exam, they will be able to provide you with reliable information about your condition. Knowing if your current situation is stable or is going to change in the future is imperative so you can prepare yourself for it.
  3. Am I At Risk For Long-Term Eye Diseases?
    In a bid to calm your nerves, you should ask your Calgary optometrist about your long-term aspects. Even if the doctor gives you the all-clear, ask if there is any potential for long-term eye diseases. If there is a suspicion that you could be facing potential harmful diseases, your optometrist will have to take steps to prepare for it.
  4. What Is The Best Way To Monitor My Eye Health?
    Going forward, you need to know how you can monitor your eye health. Keeping an eye on it (no pun intended) will help pick up any changes to your conditions; for better or worse.  
  5. Are There Lifestyle Changes I Can Make To Prevent Or Reduce My Risk To Eye Diseases?
    Lifestyle changes can have a massive impact on the condition of your eyes. A few changes here or there can make a positive impact in the long term. Ask your Calgary optometrist about any changes you can make for your condition to improve.

Book An Appointment With Your Calgary Optometrist ASAP!

When it comes to something as important as your eyes, do not risk it dragging it on. Book an appointment with your local optometrist and get your eye checked. The longer you leave it, the more risks you take.

Since 2016, Core Eye Care has provided Calgary with reliable and committed eye care services and surgeries. If you need treatment, support, and care, our team will help you whenever you need it. Contact us today on 403-290-1535t to book an appointment, or feel free to walk-in.

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